Tim Puhlfürß

Universität Hamburg, Department of Informatics
Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30
22527 Hamburg



Leveraging Continuous & Assisted Software Engineering to Study and Support Development Processes at Free Electron Lasers
Supervisors: Dr. Steve Aplin (EuXFEL), Prof. Walid Maalej (UHH)

Tim completed an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in Jena (2016) and received his BSc (2019) and MSc (2021) in Informatics from the Universität Hamburg. For his master thesis at the Applied Software Technology group of Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej, he aimed to understand how feature knowledge is documented in open source projects and how it is linked (if at all) to the source code.

During his PhD project, Tim addresses the Software Engineering for Machine Learning (SE4ML) topic. He aims to leverage continuous and assisted software engineering for complex data-centric experiments at scientific facilities. He wants to answer questions about what challenges at large scientific facilities such as European XFEL and possibly other research facilities exist concerning the software engineering processes and software artefacts and how to solve these challenges with state-of-the-art tools and process improvements. In particular, he focuses on the collaboration aspects among the software-developing and -maintaining stakeholders. The high demand for data-driven, ML-based solutions and the just-emerging collaboration and engineering best practices for these software artefacts requires more focus on applying recommendations from the software engineering research community. With his research, he wants to evaluate recent approaches from the scientific literature in practice, report valuable insights from industry to the research community, and develop new solutions to improve the software engineering processes at the scientific facilities.

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