DASHH is always keen on involving scientists of all DASHH partner institutions in interdisciplinary research projects. To foster exchange and enable multifaceted discussions in our Data Science Colloquium and our PhD seminars, we encourage scientific staff and Postdocs to get involved as DASHH scientists. If you want to join the DASHH community and get informed about upcomiing events, please contact

Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoubi TUHH/CDCS
Dr. Muhamed Amin DESY
Dr. Reinhard Bacher DESY
Dr. Andrei Benediktovitch DESY
Dr. Patrick Connor DESY/CDCS
Dr. Sonia Francoual DESY
Dr. Julian Golak TUHH
Dr. Imke Greving Hereon
Dr. Florian Griese TUHH/CDCS
Dr. Alexander Grohsjean DESY
Dr. Sebastian Günther DESY
Dr. Johannes Hagemann DESY
Dr. Jörg Hammel Hereon
Dr. Daiki Hayakawa DESY
Dr. Christoph Heyl DESY/Helmholtz Institute Jena
Dr. Ludger Inhester DESY
Dr. Mads Jakobsen DESY/CDCS
Dr. Manaz Kaleel CSSB
Dr. Janis Kummer UHH/CDCS
Dr. Tim Laarmann DESY
Dr. Karen Manalastas-Cantos CDCS
Dr. Rainer Mankel DESY
Dr. Julian Moosmann Hereon
Dr. Nastasia Mukharamova DESY
Dr. Khalique Newaz UHH/CDCS
Dr. Lennart Rustige DESY/CDCS
Dr. Nicholas A. Styles DESY
Dr. Antonin Sulc DESY/CDCS
Dr. Maxence Thévenet DESY
Dr. Andrea Thorn UHH
Dr. Marie Tolkiehn UHH/CDCS
Dr. Henrik Tünnermann DESY
Dr. Annett Ungethüm UHH/CDCS
Dr. Vedran Vonk DESY
Dr. Roberval Walsh DESY
Dr. Thomas White DESY