Information & Data Science Blogs


By communicating data science to a public audience, scientists can increase their visibility and the impact of their research. Furthermore, essential skills like contextualization and presentation are trained when researchers engage in outreach activities. Thereby, they contribute to fighting misinformation and enhancing public trust in research and understanding scientific problems.

Blogging is an easily accessible way for scientists to reach out to society. A blog post conveys scientific findings or ideas to a cross-generational and diverse audience, can easily be shared, commented on, and might even be expanded and developed over time. The website (Information & Data Science Blogs) provides data scientists throughout the Helmholtz Association and partner institutions with a unique platform to present their research to a public audience and increase the visibility of their data science activities.

After our introductory workshop sessions, many impressive blog posts were already published on the Information & Data Science Blogs website, and are waiting for feedback and comments.

We would be very glad to welcome further interested scientists to our blogging group for If you are interested in publishing your own posts and getting an idea of website management using WordPress, you are invited to contact me ( anytime. We will then schedule an introductory session (app. 1 hour) and provide you with access to the backend of the website for working on your posts. If wanted you will also receive feedback from one of our blogging trainers on your post drafts. So do not hesitate to contact us for becoming part of our Information & Data Science blogging group.