Principal Investigators

All DASHH doctoral students will be supported to fully develop their skills and raise their potential. Special emphasis is hereby drawn to the professional supervision of the students in their scientific research by our DASHH principal investigators and capable support in the area of transferable skills..

You are interested in networking and developing project ideas with other DASHH PIs and recruit and supervise talented PhD candidates in this project? Check out the profiles of other DASHH prinicpal investigators in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or one of serveral Domain Sciences.

Dr. Steve Aplin European XFEL
Dr. Heiko Appel MPSD
Prof. Nihat Ay TUHH
Prof. Sadia Bari DESY
Dr. Anton Barty DESY
Prof. Jan Baumbach UHH
Prof. Markus Bause HSU
Prof. Kerstin Borras DESY
Jun.-Prof. Christina Brandt UHH
Prof. Michael Breuer HSU
Prof. Henry Chapman DESY, UHH
Dr. Annika Eichler DESY
Prof. Hans Fangohr MPSD
Prof. Hannes Federrath UHH
Prof. Görschwin Fey TUHH
Prof. Simone Frintrop UHH
Prof. Elisabetta Gallo DESY, UHH
Prof. Timo Gerkmann UHH
Prof. Volker Gülzow DESY
Dr. Ingmar Hartl
Prof. Patrick Huber TUHH
Prof. Armin Iske UHH
Prof. Franz Kärtner DESY, UHH
Prof. Gregor Kasieczka UHH
Prof. Tobias Knopp TUHH
Prof. Michael Kolbe HZI, UHH
Dr. Katharina Kubicek UHH
Prof. Jochen Küpper DESY, UHH
Prof. Sabine Le Borne TUHH
Prof. Wim Leemans DESY, UHH
Prof. Marko Lindner TUHH
Prof. Thomas Ludwig UHH
Prof. Walid Maalej UHH
Prof. Adrian Mancuso European XFEL
Dr. Alke Meents DESY
Dr. Guido Meier MPSD
Prof. Robert Meißner TUHH
Prof. Matthias Mnich TUHH
Prof. Martin Müller Hereon
Prof. Philipp Neumann HSU
Prof. Stephan Olbrich UHH
Dr. Jens Osterhoff DESY
Prof. Arwen Pearson UHH
Dr. Krisztian Peters DESY
Prof. Norbert Ritter UHH
Prof. Daniela Pfannkuche UHH
Prof. Matthias Rarey UHH
Prof. Matthias Riebisch UHH
Prof. Ralf Röhlsberger DESY, UHH
Prof. Nina Rohringer DESY, UHH
Prof. Angel Rubio MPSD, UHH
Prof. Thomas Rung TUHH
Prof. Daniel Ruprecht TUHH
Prof. Robin Santra DESY, UHH
Prof. Alexander Schlaefer TUHH
Dr. Holger Schlarb DESY
Prof. Peter Schleper UHH
Prof. Thomas C. Schmidt HAW
Prof. Volker Schomerus DESY, UHH
Prof. Christian Schroer DESY, UHH
Prof. Sibylle Schupp TUHH
Prof. Christian Schwanenberger DESY, UHH
Dr. Oliver Seeck DESY
Dr. Christian Seifert TUHH
Prof. Holger Sondermann DESY
Prof. Frank Steinicke UHH
Prof. Peer Stelldinger HAW
Prof. Andreas Stierle DESY, UHH
Prof. Jan Sudeikat HAW
Prof. Kerstin Tackmann DESY, UHH
Prof. Anusch Taraz TUHH
Prof. Simone Techert DESY
Jun.-Prof. Mathias Trabs formerly UHH
Prof. Marina Tropmann-Frick HAW
Dr. Andrey Yachmenev DESY
Dr. Peter-Jens M. Zemke TUHH