Stasis Chuchurka

Notkestraße 85 (Building 81)
22607 Hamburg
Room: 107



Multi-Messenger X-Ray Science - Electron Densities from a Combined Analysis of Elastic X-Ray Scattering and X-Ray Emission Data
Supervisors: Prof. Nina Rohringer (DESY/UHH), Jun.-Prof. Christina Brandt (UHH)

In 2014 Stasis finished high school with the specialization in physics and participated in the International Physics Olympiad in Astana where he was awarded a silver medal. He entered the department of Physics of the Belarusian State University, where he studied theoretical physics. That period of time he was primarily interested in phenomena called self-amplification of radiation and superradiance. His research was dedicated to self-amplification in various systems such as crystals, media formed of wires or channeled electrons.
At the end of the fourth year of his studies, he took part at the DESY Summer School. He joined the group of Nina Rohringer whose interests include ultrafast processes with X-rays. The main aim of his work was to propose a crossover from a novel, full description of superfluorescence to a phenomenological approach that was used throughout the literature until recently and is based on Maxwell – Bloch equations.