Topic Evaluation and Selection Committee

The Topic Evaluation and Selection Committee (TESC) is the executive body of DASHH and decides on all scientific and educational aspects. TESC is responsible for the curriculum of the graduate school, the preselection of thesis topics and the selection of students. With this mandate the TESC directly supports the management and successfully implements the higher and universal objectives of DASHH. Members of the TESC are the three spokespersons and representatives of all DASHH partner institutions. The current TESC members are:

Member Deputy Institution
Prof. Nina Rohringer   DESY
Prof. Matthias Rarey   UHH
Prof. Sabine Le Borne   TUHH
Prof. Franz Kärtner Prof. Robin Santra DESY
Prof. Christian Schwanenberger Prof. Elisabeth Gallo DESY
Prof. Timo Gerkmann Prof. Ingenuin Gasser UHH
Prof. Frank Steinicke Prof. Norbert Ritter UHH
Prof. Görschwin Fey Prof. Sibylle Schupp TUHH
Prof. Tobias Knopp Prof. Robert Meißner TUHH
Dr. Felix Beckmann  Dr. Jörg Hammel Hereon
Prof. Michael Kolbe  
Prof. Michael Breuer Prof. Markus Bause HSU
Dr. Steve Aplin

Dr. Heiko Appel
Prof. Peer Stelldinger Prof. Thomas C. Schmidt HAW