Institutional Board

The Institutional Board acts as steering committee and general assembly of DASHH. It is responsible for the overall strategic planning, questions of constitution (e.g. new partners), the appointment of the management, the nomination of spokespersons and of the members of the Topic Evaluation and Selection Board.

The members of the DASHH Institutional Board are:

Name Affiliation
Prof. Dr. H. Dosch, Chairman of the Board of Directors DESY
Prof. Dr. M. Müller, Director "Materials Physics" HZG
Prof. Dr. M. Kolbe, Head of Department "Structural Infection Biology HZI
Prof. Dr. H. Graener, Dean of MIN Faculty UHH
Prof. Dr. A. Timm-Giel, Vice-President for Research and member of the coordination committee of    TUHH
Prof. Dr. R. Lammering, Vice-President for Research HSU
Dr. T. Tschentscher, Scientific Director XFEL
Prof. Dr. A. Rubio, Director MPSD