High Performance Simulations of Next Generation Light Sources

Supervisors: Prof. Franz Kärtner (DESY, UHH), Dr. Jens Osterhoff (DESY), Prof. Sabine Le Borne (TUHH), Dr. Jens-Peter Zemke (TUHH)

Next generation light sources, X-ray Free-Electron Lasers (XFELs) driven by compact electron accelerators and using short period undulators show highly complex behavior and are extremely challenging to simulate. Some 10 million electrons are involved in a highly nonlinear motion with collective effects driven by electromagnetic fields of a wide range of wavelengths. Understanding and optimization of X-ray production with these sources requires the simultaneous computation of the emission and motion of electrons and electromagnetic fields on multiple time and spatial scales.
In this project, modern data science techniques/algorithms will be developed to process the enormous amounts of data in these challenging simulations. The focus will lie on PDE modeling and the development of efficient solvers based on data-driven data-sparse preconditioners for the linear systems arising in space-time finite-element discretisations. The advanced techniques will be implemented to enable the analysis and design of novel FEL schemes via manipulation of the electron phase space starting from the photo cathode in the electron gun to novel undulator configurations and implementations such as optical undulators.