Quantum Explorer - Pioneering Quantum Computing for Particle Physics and Computer Science

Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Borras (DESY, RWTH Aachen), Prof. Matthias Riebisch (UHH)

This Computer Science project embarks on the novel and emergent technology of Quantum Computing and Simulations. Pioneering ways to open this cutting-edge technology for solving problems which are presently inaccessible with classical computations is the ultimate goal. The use cases employ Particle Physics questions such as the nature of the early Universe and processing of large data sets. Computational, mathematical and technological challenges arise through the pioneering employment of Quantum Computer Simulations. The project will explore Quantum Simulations by designing optimal Quantum Circuits: development, modelling, simulation and the optimization of their parameters. The produced methods will be implemented on various Quantum Computer platforms such as Rigetti, IBMQ, Google and D-WAVE. Through hands-on experience, a test of these new methods and a comparison of the employed architectures can be achieved. In the PhD project, benchmarks will be developed, optimization methods adapted and applied with the aim of parameterization and the optimization of the Quantum Circuits.  In combining the competencies of the collaborators, already performed initial Quantum Simulations, applied Deep Learning and Simulation methods in Particle Physics and expertise in Software Engineering, the project will have strongest impact, advance the research fields and will accomplish a leading role in Quantum Computing.