Combination of Higgs Boson Measurements Using Simplified Template Cross Sections

Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Tackmann (DESY, UHH), Prof. Peter Schleper (UHH)

Experimental measurements of certain high energy physics parameters could show deviations from the theoretical predictions, which would indicate the existence of physics beyond the standard model (BSM). Depending on where these deviations are found, it also gives some insight into which BSM physics theories are interesting to further investigate. Measurements in the Higgs sector are especially interesting, as there are many opportunities to detect BSM effects here. The most precise measurements in the Higgs sector are obtained by combining measurements of cross sections of different Higgs boson production processes and decay mechanisms. This can be done specifically in the Simplified Template Cross Sections (STXS) framework: measurements of cross sections of mutually exclusive regions of phase space, defined per production process, are combined. The full LHC Run2 data set from 2015 to 2018 (for which the analysis is still ongoing) will first be combined within ATLAS, and later together with CMS.