A Multi-Purpose Framework for Efficient Parallelized Execution of Charged Particle Tracking

Supervisors:  Dr. Krisztian Peters (DESY), Prof. Thomas Ludwig (UHH)

Charged particle track reconstruction in an environment with extremely high particle multiplicities and measurement densities is a significant computing challenge for future high-energy physics experiments, such as the planned upgrade of the ATLAS experiment at CERN for the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC). In order to make best use of modern developments in processor technologies (such as wide registers, GPUs, and other accelerators), the ability to run efficiently in a parallelized, multi-threaded framework is key. The application of such paradigms to track reconstruction is currently limited by the highly serial procedures used to mitigate the intrinsic combinatorial challenges of the application, and the necessity to run on distributed, heterogeneous computing resources. This project will address these issues by studying methods to apply intra- algorithm parallelism to common track reconstruction tasks, and developing a framework to ensure that such tasks can be efficiently assigned to resources with appropriate architectures.

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