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Reproducible Data Science

Data Science is the science of extracting knowledge from typically large amounts of complex data. The increasing level of automation and the increasing number and resolution of sensors in scientific large-scale experiments result in large, heterogeneous and highly complex data collections. Therefore, Data Science is a key technology in modern natural sciences. Data-intensive research in experimental and theoretical science at the Science City Bahrenfeld requires beyond off-the-shelf software solutions for data management, processing and analysis. Tailored or even completely new computational methods are needed and we will explore new innovative ideas in computer science and applied mathematics. To develop these methods, scientists have to be highly skilled in their corresponding natural-science background and computer science alike. DASHH has been established to address this highly interdisciplinary need. DASHH bundles competences of scientists with high international reputation in basic research for the structure of matter, computer science and applied mathematics in Hamburg in a new and unique fashion.

The graduate school covers data challenges from application fields such as structural biology, particle physics, material science and ultrafast X-ray science. These data challenges have in common that they cannot be addressed with standard computational methods, but require modern data- and information-science techniques instead. Several areas from computer science and mathematics play important roles: data management and engineering, machine learning and data analytics, signal and image processing, algorithm design, optimization and simulation, software engineering and automation and control systems.