Mixed Reality User Interfaces for Operating Particle Accelerators and Laser Facilities

Supervisors: Prof. Frank Steinicke (UHH), Prof. Wim Leemans (DESY), Dr. Reinhard Bacher (DESY)

Modern particle accelerators or laser facilities are fairly complex research facilities producing a huge amount of operations and scientific data. While there is huge interest in developing data science methods to process this enormous amount of data, the underlying physical principles and the inherent complexity of the technical systems involved make the operation and maintenance of these facilities an enormous data science challenge itself. Today, operations are performed through traditional standard user interfaces (UI) providing limited performance for handling complex control and operation tasks.
In the proposed thesis, the candidate will explore novel forms of UIs to improve the operation of particle accelerators or laser facilities, in particular, by using mixed reality (MR) technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and three-dimensional (3D) spatial UIs. These novel MR-based UIs will be analyzed, designed implemented and evaluated in a human-centered design (HCD) process including domain experts and laboratory as well as field studies in particle accelerators and laser facilities.