Michael Größler

Universität Hamburg - Zentrum für Bioinformatik
Bundesstraße 43
20146 Hamburg
Room: 304



New Computational Methods for Serial Crystallography at X-Ray Free Electron Lasers
Supervisors: Prof. Matthias Rarey (UHH), Prof. Henry Chapman (DESY/UHH), Dr. Anton Barty (DESY)

Michael's Interests in Computer Graphics and applied Mathematics laid the foundation for the start of his academic path in Computer Science or more specific Computational Visualistics for his undergraduate studies. From there the application of such methods in a more natural science based environment sparked his curiosity. Thus, he chose Bioinformatics for his master studies which also led to his current position as a PhD student.
His current research interests are: Structural Refinement, Coherent Diffractive Imaging, Diffuse Scattering, Virtual Screening, GPU Computing, Material Point Method, Computer Graphics.