Maximilian Schütte

Notkestraße 85 (Building 55a)
22607 Hamburg
Room: 028



Control, Data and Fault Analysis for the Optical Synchronization System at European XFEL
Supervisors: Prof. Herbert Werner (TUHH), Prof. Gerwald Lichtenberg (HAW), Dr. Annika Eichler (DESY)

Maximilian has completed the Bachelor and Masters Program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland between 2012 and 2019. During his studies, he was focused on control of autonomous systems with electives and multi-disciplinary projects in communication technologies, machine learning and game theory. He is keen to explore new ways to make complex systems more robust and performant using data based methods and machine learning algorithms.
He is currently doing his PhD project as member of the optical synchronization team in the machine beam controls (MSK) group, designing and collecting data for novel intelligent control schemes for femto-second synchronization required for time-resolved experiments in the European XFEL.