Leandro Lanzieri Rodriguez

Building 55A
22607 Hamburg
Room: 117



Board Level Fault Prediction for the Embedded Sensor Systems at the European XFEL
Supervisors: Dr. Holger Schlarb (DESY), Prof. Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg), Prof. Görschwin Fey (TUHH)

Leandro studied Electrical Engineering at the National Technological University in Argentina. Then, he obtained his Master’s degree in Embedded Systems at the University of Buenos Aires, with a thesis in collaboration with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. He has worked at HAW Hamburg since 2018 as a research assistant where he got involved in the RIOT OS open source project as a maintainer.

His current research project aims to analyse data from operational records, environmental measurements and experiments, in order to find early indicators of hardware deterioration of the embedded sensor systems at the XFEL. The final goal is to design a lightweight fault prediction model which can be deployed in the field.