Arne Grünhagen

Notkestraße 85 (Building 55a)
22607 Hamburg



Towards Predictive Maintenance for the Optical Synchronisation System at the European XFEL
Supervisors: Dr. Annika Eichler (DESY), Prof. Marina Tropmann-Frick (HAW), Prof. Görschwin Fey (TUHH)

Arne obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2019 and his Master’s degree in 2021 in Computer Science at the Hamburg University of Technology. During his Bachelor’s thesis in data mining of electroencephalogram-based signals he developed a strong interest in machine learning. He wrote his Master’s thesis in collaboration with the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY). The thesis focuses on fault analysis of the XFEL control system by using data mining.
Building on that, Arne is now doing his PhD project focusing on the development of a predictive maintenance mechanism for the optical synchronization system of the XFEL. The goal of this research is to make the complex system more robust by using different data mining techniques.