CDCS: Data Science Thursdays

The CDCS (Center for Data and Computing in Natural Sciences) and its CCU (Computational Core Unit) organize a seminar and help desk series this winter term (90 minutes, Organizers: Dr. Marie Tolkiehn, Dr. Florian Griese, Dr. Annett Ungethüm). CDCS members will present one  topic each month in which two seminars (introductory and advanced) are interleaved with two help desk sessions. The seminars will take place in the CDCS seminar room, CDCS (Notkestraße 9, 1st Floor). During the seminar, we will cover the theory and basics of the topic. The help desk sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions and ask for help on your specific project concerning the topic or related. The topics for this winter term are:



Containers - what are they and why should I care (Dr. Lennart Rustige)

21.10.2021, 2 pm - Kick-off & Containers I

28.10.2021, 4 pm - Containers II


JULIA basics - get the best of many worlds (Dr. Florian Griese)

18.11.2021, 4 pm - Why should I bother learning Julia? - POSTPONED from 04.11.2021

25.11.2021, 4 pm - Getting help starting your first Julia project! - POSTPONED from 11.11.2021

02.12.2021, 4 pm - Solution to two language problem?

09.12.2021, 4 pm - Porting your project from Python to Julia!


Databases - speed up your data analysis (Dr. Annett Ungethüm)

16.12.2021, 4 pm - Why and how should I use a database and why it is different from an excel sheet

23.12.2021, 4 pm - Getting help with your first queries!

06.01.2022, 4 pm - Relational DBs, document stores, key-value-stores: There's a system for every use-case

13.01.2022, 4 pm - Get your research data into a database!


Parallel processing - How to make the most of your machine time (Dr. Florian Griese, Dr. Annett Ungethüm)

20.01.2022, 4 pm - Parallelism on all levels: on a single core, on multiple cores, and on multiple nodes

27.01.2022, 4 pm - Try out our toy examples!

03.02.2022, 4 pm - Tales from experience and typical pitfalls

10.02.2022, 4 pm - Get help to parallelize your own application.


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