PhD Seminars

06.11.2020, 9 am - PhD Seminar

  • Project: "Adaptive machine learning approximations for quantum simulations of hydrogen bond dynamics"
  • Prof. Jochen Küpper (DESY/UHH, DASHH PI)
  • Yahya Saleh (DASHH fellow)


27.11.2020, 9 am - PhD Seminar

  • Project: "Quantum Explorer - Pioneering Quantum Computing for Particle Physics and Computer Science"
  • Prof. Matthias Riebisch (UHH, DASHH PI)
  • Tom Weber (DASHH fellow)


11.12.2020, 9 am - PhD Seminar

  • Project: "Cost-Effective High-Performance Simulation of Next Generation Light Sources"
  • Prof. Bause (HSU, DASHH PI)
  • Nils Margenberg (DASHH fellow)


08.01.2021, 9 am - PhD Seminar

  • Project: "Dynamic Protein Pattern Recognition In Free-Electron Laser Experiments"
  • Prof. Robert Meíßner (TUHH, DASHH-PI)
  • Amir Kotobi (DASHH fellow)


29.01.2021, 9 am - PhD Seminar

  • Project: "Water and Hydrocarbons in Confined Geometries: Correlating High Resolution X-ray Diffraction with Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data"
  • Prof. Patrick Huber (TUHH, DASHH PI)
  • Lars Dammann (DASHH fellow)