Prof. Matthias Mnich

ZOOM Meeting

December 2nd, 2020

1 pm

Chair: Prof. Sabine Le Borne



We are happy to announce that Prof. Matthias Mnich (Institute for Algorithms and Complexity, TUHH) will present and explain his COVID-19 research in his talk entitled "Algorithms, network epidemiology, contact tracing".


Network epidemiology is a discipline to model the spread of epidemic diseases in population models. To apply this methodology to the current Corona pandemic, several challenges must be overcome, for which we propose an algorithmic approach. Our algorithms help to quickly identify superspreaders in populations, measure the effectiveness of quarantine, and support efficient contact tracing. Beyond, we also discuss how algorithms from mathematical optimization can provide decision support to mitigate the effects of the current pandemic: this includes efficient testing strategies and distribution of COVID-19 patients to intensive-care units.


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