Coordination and Office

The DASHH-Office operates the graduate school in close consultation with the spokespersons and is responsible for DASHH's administration. In particular, DASHH office organizes the application procedure, the admission process of new doctoral students and all kind of related meetings. The office manages DASHH's budget and is responsible for the reporting.

Dr. Heike Hufnagel Martinez is coordinator of the DASHH office. Among other activities, she is responsible for coordinating the calls for doctoral applications, exchange with the partners and is responsible for outreach activities. She is a biomedical engineer and a computer scientist and holds a PhD in Natural Sciences with focus on medical image processing and probabilistic shape modeling. For several years, she worked as technical officer for the Medical Device Unit at the World Health Organization.



As a DASHH scientific coordinator, Dr. Christiane Ehrt is mainly responsible for the technical and scientific curriculum, the website and the organization of courses. She holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry with a focus on computer-based drug discovery and performed research as a postdoc at the Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the TU Dortmund University. As a scientific researcher, she is working in the group Algorithmic Molecular Design at the Center for Bioinformatics at the Universität Hamburg.



Dr. Klaus Ehret works at the Directorate's Office, where he is responsible for the further development and implementation of the DESY 2030 strategy. Coordination of the Center for Data and Computing Science in Natural Sciences (CDCS) is a focal point of his work. For the development of interdisciplinary data science research activities on the Bahrenfeld campus, he has supported the DASHH application and coordinates the development of DASHH. Dr. Klaus Ehret has been working at DESY for more than 20 years, did research on several particle physics experiments and headed the project management organisation at DESY.